42 things I am going to do on my 42nd birthday. July 30, 2014


(in no particular order – well maybe the icecream one)1 – Eat ice-cream for breakfast – because I love ice cream and it’s my Birthday!2 – Workout - because it’s my fav. Join in the fun with my Birthday Wish workout on Instagram http://instagram.com/theblonderunner This.is.so.darn.exciting! To be posted July 30 in the morning when I decide to get up. Hey, it's my birthday. I might sleep in until like 7 a.m. or something.3 – get a massage (oh yeah!)4 - Do karate with my son – because it’s fun. Bring it!5 – go running (yeah, I know I already mentioned exercise – but I love to exercise so it gets two spots)6 – kiss my kids 42 times (it’s the gift that keeps on giving – I am sure they will LOVE this one)7 – write down 42 things I like about myself (this might take all day)8 – Laugh 42 times (this one will be a cinch, easy-peasy). No, not all at once silly – people will think I’ve lost my mind.9 – Eat vegetables – because I am worth taking care of. Oh, yeah! Bring on the salad. I LOVE salads!10 – Kick up my feet and read a magazine from front to back – or maybe just look at the pictures.11 – Go shopping – because I LOVE to shop! Maybe I will buy another bottle of nail polish for my collection.12 – Share an inspirational quote with my dog and cat. Hey – they are like my kids too.13 – Open some presents. Ok, re-wrap the presents I opened early and open them again (sorry, I just can’t wait).14 – Buy myself more presents. (J/K). Maybe surf the web and imagine myself opening those presents. Yeah know; the new car, fancy jewelry and two million dollar house. That is going to take a lot of wrapping paper!15 – Do some secret service to someone (I can’t tell you more or it won’t be a secret – “”wink””)16 – Build a snowman with Elsa. Humm, not seeing any snow in these dog days of summer. Maybe I’ll sing the Frozen song with my daughter at the top of our lungs.17- Dance wildly to a song with all my children. (They will love this one as we have done it before!) Good times! Good times!18 – Take a nap – well, I might only have time for a power nap, but I’ll take it. I will be exhausted from all the festivities so far. I will need to rest up for the evening festivities.19- Yawn! Because I just took a nap. You can yawn too if you are getting bored reading this, but you must read on. You can do it!20 – 25 Teach somebody something about health. This will easily take 5 slots. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to teach others about health, fitness,& nutrition – you name it, I love it!26 – Post some inspirational thought and change someone life forever. Okay, maybe it won’t change someone’s life, but maybe, just maybe it will lighten their load for a day or spread some joy.27 - Ring a cowbell – because it’s darn fun and reminds me of racing. (no, I am not half cow – although you might think that by how I ate my ice-cream for breakfast)28 – Make up a joke. You might be surprised at my hidden skills in this arena. My knock, knock jokes are pretty amazing; kinda like my children’s knock, knock jokes.29 – Sing a song for reals. Yes, I love to sing (not that I am good at it). Move over Katy Perry, make some room for the Blonde Runner vocals sung in the amazing acoustics of the shower. I am jammin’ to the Birthday song.30 – Take a shower. I would like to keep the friends that I have and it’s really the only place I feel comfortable singing.31 – I can’t believe I am only on # 31. Dang I am old. I think I will give myself 42 spankings for getting so old.32 – Get a suntan – okay, just kidding I already have a tan! Have you seen my faint but REAL tan line I documented on Instagram? Check it out Isn’t it great?!33 – Do nothing. Because I never get to do nothing. This might get boring so I will have to max it out at 3 minutes.34 - Go outside and stare at the garden. Yes, I like to stare at my garden. My neighbors think I am crazy. But I love my garden. I would marry it if I could.35 - Stop and smell the roses. This is assuming I am moving, but remember I was staring at the garden so I guess I will have to walk over to the roses, stop, and then small them. Yes, I love my flowers too. I am not a plant racist.36 – Go to dinner! I love to eat out. I like the challenge of finding healthy things to eat. But I might get whatever I want because it’s my birthday. (Good thing I run).37 – Hug my kids 42 times because they didn’t get enough with the kisses. I know they will just LOVE this. It might turn into a wrestling match.38 – Have a water fight or nerf gun war with my family (shhh, don’t tell them, I’m going to take them by surprise). Clearly they have no chance. Bring it!39 – Walk the dog. Because if I don’t he will poo and pee in the house and that is not a birthday present I want.40 - Watch a movie at home (because I LOVE to watch movies at home with my family)41 - Write in my journal and record things I am greatful for. I want to remember this day. You only get a birthday once a year! (They really ought to bump it up to two times a year so I can live to be 200 years old).42- Make someone laugh. If you even so much as chuckled at any of these I can check this one off. Thank you! (wink, wink)Happy Birthday to me! I am glad I was born! Thanks for pushing me out Mom.

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