Consultation Sessions

Custom Guidance, Minimal Commitment: Elevate your running and triathlon skills with short, personalized consultation sessions.

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Running Form Feedback Session

Optimize your run with personalized feedback. See improved performance and prevent injuries.

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Swimming Instruction Session

Individual adult triathlon specific swimming instruction is offered in the Davis County area with Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner, a nationally ranked and Ironman All World triathlete.

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Nutrition Consultation Session

In addition to general feedback, Coach Lora Erickson will help you formulate a effective nutrition strategy for racing (including running and triathlon events.To schedule your consultation session contact Coach Lora directly at‍

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Triathlon Cycling Skills Session

Coach Lora offers one-on-one sessions to review all elements of road cycling skills as it related to triathlon. To schedule a session message Coach Lora directly at

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Race Planning Session

Planning for a running race or a triathlon involves several key steps to ensure you are adequately prepared both physically and logistically. If you'd like help planning your race session to make it most effective for top performances, contact Coach Lora directly to set up a session.

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Life Coaching Session

Having a life coach can indeed be beneficial for many individuals looking to manage various aspects of their lives more effectively. Life coaches offer support, guidance, and accountability to help their clients achieve personal and professional goals, make important decisions, and navigate life's challenges more successfully.

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Race Management Consultation

Organizing a race for a fundraiser can be a rewarding and exciting endeavor.

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