Avoid BVO

Brominated vegetable oil (vegetable oil bonded with bromine) - BVO, banned in Europe and Japan, is a food additive that allows sports drinks and sodas to keep their flavors well blended and withstand shelf life. You'll find BVO in Powerade (some flavors), Mountain Dew, Amp Energy, and others. Excessive consumption of these products can lead to neurological problems and a deteriorated nervous system, and possibly inability to walk in some people. It can cause headaches, fatigue and memory loss. Learn more about BVO below, but, as a reminder, elete is BVO-free, sugar-free, artificial color-, flavor- & preservative- free. Just pure, natural electrolytes. http://bit.ly/YGlqjHGo the natural route (no BVO) with elete electrolyte www.eletewater.com Use the code “blonderunner” to save 15% on your first order.

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