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Coach Lora Erickson

I have been running for over 30 years and have been a certified running coach for over 18 years including coaching triathlon for 10 years. My passion is coaching and helping others get fit and meet their training and racing goals. I offer both on-line coached programs as well as in-person and group training programs for all distances including: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, short sprints, PT tests, Sprint Triathlon, Olympic distance triathlons, Half Ironman and Ironman distances. I'd love to help you get fit. I coach all disciplines including swimming technique, cycling skills and handling, and running mechanics as well as putting all of those things together. Some of the programs I have coming up include;Ogden Marathon & Half Marathon Training Program - Beginning the third week of January 2015Lagoon Half Marathon & 10K Training Program - Beginning the third week of January 2015Triathlon Team Training Program (Team Blonde Runner - TBR) - Beginning the third week in February 2015 (join anytime, beginners welcome)Race For Grief 10K & 5K training program - Beginning in April - Race on Memorial Day Underwater Swim Analysis offered once a month Learn moreRunning Form Analysis offered once a month in warm weather months Learn moreOptimum Weight Loss Program - Individual Custom one-on-one Program - can start anytimeCorrective Exercise Assessment - scheduled individuallyIf you are interested in any of these services please message me at I'd love to help you. I work with all levels of athletes so if you are a beginner don't hesitate to contact me.Coach Lora EricksonLearn more about my background

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