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I love to see new people get started into running. I know the anxieties that come with starting something new. It can be difficult and you may be unsure or be afraid to look slow. The fact is even seasons runners started that way. I remember my first run with the high school cross country team 23 years ago. I wasn’t sure exactly how everything worked or where we would run. I was out of shape and I didn’t even know how far we would go. The girls and boys that where there were older than me and more experienced; I was a freshman and new to high school. I did not really know anyone and school hadn’t even started yet. I was so nervous. I was so afraid to get lost and I remember trying to keep up just so I would not. I managed to keep them in sight and when we got back I remember the coach asked “How did it feel”…many of the experienced runners expressed how loose their legs felt etc… All I could think was how happy I was to survive and not get lost! Since then, I have learned so much about running; I know what it feels like to “feel loose” and know how to set a “comfortable pace.”

Running is one of those sports where experience comes with time. You have to just get yourself out there and start somewhere – even if it means doing some walk/run intervals first. You have to get out there no matter how difficult it might seem or how afraid you are of failing. Just know you will build confidence as you get in great shape. Expose yourself to experienced runners, join a club and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Allow others to teach you, many of them would love to help. Remember they were once there too. Ask questions. I know that is how I learn much of what I know. The only dumb questions are the ones not asked. I admire those willing to try something new and stick to it - that is inspiration!

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