Happy Birthday! Blonde Runner is 40

A word from Blonde RunnerI recently turned 40 and I must say I was truly excited about it. I have always liked the “beginning” of things. Like the beginning of a day (I am a morning person), inaugural events, the beginning of a week/month/year. It’s like a fresh start and another chance to do everything “right”; to make things perfect. I LOVE that. As I start a new decade I can only hope to make it as eventful as my last 10 years.In the last 10 years I have started competing again after a forced break from having children, which was difficult, but something I would do all over again for the four-cute-kids I have. I was a high-risk pregnancy and lost a baby girl, Samantha, here’s the story: Coping with Grief & LossIn the last 10 years I have overcome a fear of cycling and have taken up triathlon (which I love and started 7 years ago) and I am currently training to compete at the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Vermont in August for the second time and was recently selected to compete as a member of the Endurance Films Racing Team. Learn more (It feels great to be a member of a team again!)My road to get started into triathlon has been a bit bumpy and in the last 10-years I have healed from a damaging cycling accident that resulted in surgery. If you ever watch me swim in the open water you can see that I have to work hard to swim straight (it’s kinda comical). I can’t swim straight to save my life! Incidentally I usually get some extra yards in. Lol Read moreI have expanded my coaching business (Blonde Runner Health) and now do it full-time from my home. I have worked hard to brand my name and gain sponsorship and have enjoyed the opportunity to get the word out about products and businesses I enjoy. Over the years I have been able to utilize my education and talents and help hundreds of people loss weight, get fit and healthy. Health is something I have had a passion for since I was a little girl and being able to have some part in helping others is really a dream come true for me. I LOVE to guest lecture and speak to groups and teach classes on various health topics regularly.In the last ten-years I have organized a local running club; South Davis Road Runners which meets regularly to run through out the year and has been going strong for over five years now. I have also launched a Team Blonde Runner (TBR) group training programs for adults (triathlon training and running) and tried to recreate the wonderful camaraderie I felt as a college athlete. I have found the blend of customize coaching and team spirit to be the best way to bring out an athletes’ top performances. I have also met some amazing people and made some wonderful friends from these teams. To learn more visit www.TBRTriathlon.com. I hope to expand this program to help more people. I have also started developing a kids/youth triathlon training program.What a wonderful experience it has been to help raise awareness and funds to help other organizations that I believe are making a difference in peoples lives like; Caring Connections, Utah SHARE and the Skin Cancer Foundation through two annual events I have organized; www.RaceForGrief.com, and www.SaveYourSkin10k.com.As I have reflected back on my last ten years that are so many more highlights and hardships not listed here, but I can’t help to think of all the goals I have yet to accomplish and how much more I want to leave as a legacy for my children. I only hope to get the opportunity to do so much more and am so greatful to my friends, fans and family who support me. You are appreciated and build me up to be more than I could ever be on my own. Thank you!Coach Lora Erickson “Blonde Runner”

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