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I was super excited to get the notification that I have qualified to participate in the 2011 USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals on August 20, 2011 in Burlington Vermont, but soon realized that the expenses of this trip may make it difficult for me to go with race fees, the expense of shipping a biking, airfair, lodging, vehicle rental, gas, food etc. This trip could realistically cost several thousand $dollars$. I quickly realized that this would be an expensive venture I could hardly afford but I really want to go. This would be my first trip to Nationals and I don’t want to miss this opportunity to compete against some of the finest athletes in the nation. Thank you to many Blonde Runner fans I was able to make the trip to the 2011 Championships. It was an amazing experience for me and I left with the desire to go again and improve my performance. I plan to compete in the 2012 National Championships and get another shot at a spot on Team USA for the International Triathlon Union World Championships. Click here to read the 2011 race report. If it is possible for you to make a donation to help with training, racing & travel expenses – I would really appreciate it. Any amount is very much appreciated. Donations can be made through paypal and sent to the email address below anytime. Thank you.Sincerely,Lora"Blonde Runner"

Thank you!

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SPONSOR "Blonde Runner" FOR THIS EVENT: Lora Erickson is excited to represent UTAH at Nationals. If you are a business owner and would like to sponsor her, please contact her directly at: Lora Erickson aka "Blonde Runner",, 801-608-5516. Sponsors will be recognizing on this page as well as through social media. Thank you for your support. Thanks you sponsors!


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