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How to Dress for Winter Outdoor Running in Utah with Coach Lora Erickson "Blonde Runner"

Winter running is here in Utah! Here are some snow running tips

Hello. friends. Winter running is here in Utah! Here are some snow running tips (video shared on IG @theblonderunner).

⛄️ Be sure to check the weather channel for current temperature and expected conditions before heading out

⛄️ Dress in layers

⛄️ Apply lip balm with sunscreen before you go

⛄️ Have fun!

Winter Running Essentials (top to bottom)

❄️ Wear a hat & ear warmers

❄️ Glasses to keep the wind and sun out of your eyes (so your nose doesn’t run and you rub it and get a sore - no fun!) 😂

❄️ Neck buff or gator

❄️ Layered long sleeve tops

❄️ Noxgear Tracer 2 light vest (use the code RUNBLONDE for up to 40% off) #saferunner#beseen

❄️ Running tights

❄️ Lily Trotters compression socks (RUNBLONDE 15% off)

❄️ Trail shoes with gators

❄️ YakTrax for more traction

❄️ Convertible gloves/mittens & hand warmers

❄️ RoadID

💥 The discount code RUNBLONDE will get you discounts on many of the products!



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