How to take apart and box your bike for travel and reassemble

Taking apart and putting a bike back together doesn't need to be intimidating. I used to be nervous to do it but not anymore. I have learned how to do it and wanted to share my knowledge with you. Feel free to print out these tips and put them in your bag when you travel to help you.Happy & Safe Travels!Coach Lora

bike bag bike inside

Before I start, I like to remove the saddle bag, bento box, bike computer and get the chain in the smallest cog in back (this will make it easier to take off the back tire). You will also want to deflate your tires.

  1. Remove Pedals with a wrench - right is right, left is wrong (make sure to take the wrench and pedals with you on the plane – carry on )
  2. Remove Saddle – Be sure and mark a line with silver sharpie where it goes
  3. Remove the handlebars and tape them to your bike (I like to use blue painters tape. It’s easy to rip and leaves no residue. Be sure and take a roll so you can use it when you bike your box back up to go home)
  4. Remove the front & back tire. Bag the skewers and take with you on the plane
  5. Remove rear derailleur and bubble wrap it or put it in a padded bag. I also like to wrap the chain to mainstay to keep it from bobbling around.
  6. Bag your wheels (make sure the air is out)
  7. Pack box by filling the void spaces with bubble wrap.

How to put your bike back together to race

  1. Unwrap everything
  2. Reattach rear derailleur
  3. Replace skewers and wheels (I like to to the back first, then put the front one on after I get the Handle bars back on). See my video on Fixing a Flat with CO2 to see how to put the back wheel on. (I will post a link when this video is made)
  4. Replace handlebars
  5. Replace saddle
  6. Pump-up tires and make sure everything is working (breaks, no rubbing etc…)
  7. Replace pedals (remember the right is right and the left is wrong)
  8. Replace saddle bag/bento box, bike computer
  9. Take it for a ride and make adjustments as needed.
  10. Have fun at your race!
bike back together

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