March Madness Half Marathon: First Place AG

IG post blonderunner 3.5.2016

My last race was Ironman Maryland, then I took some time completely off running to see if I could get my knee to feel better. It looks like to rest has paid off as it felt pretty good today. I was pleased to start my racing season with a solid first place division win at a local half marathon today. It was a training race to dial in my numbers. It was fun to see so many friends today. Up next: Oceanside 70.3 in four weeks. I am super excited about it! ‪#‎triathlon‬‪#‎swimbikerun‬‪#‎blonderunner‬‪#‎athlete‬‪#‎halfmarathon‬‪#‎trainingrace‬‪#‎firstplace‬‪#‎running‬‪#‎familysupport‬‪#‎sponsorsupport‬@intermountain @champsys @wasatchrunningcenter @drinkcocogo @bountifulbicycle @ironmantri ‪#‎70point3‬‪#‎IM703CALI‬‪#‎california‬‪#‎elete‬‪#‎oceanside‬ Training,Coach Lora


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