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Recently my Mom shared this article she found with me. I have read it and re-read it and just love all the kernels of truth in it, so I wanted to share it. Here's a summary with my comments of 9 Things Mentally Strong People Do Every Day:

  1. They monitor their emotions. "Sometimes reaching your greatest potential requires you to behave contrary to how you feel."
  2. They practice realistic optimism. I love this one because it's not about being overly optimistic but realistic and positive. (It's about your inner monologue). I believe being positive and grateful is the key to a happy life.
  3. They solve problems. So true! I love to be productive with my time and move forward and put my energy into solutions. I "refuse to engage in unproductive activities." I just don't have time for it.
  4. They practice self-compassion. True, so true. Sometimes you have to lighten up and roll with the punches. Treat yourself as you would want your best friend to treat you.
  5. They set healthy boundaries. I especially love this one as it has been a hard lesson learned in my life. Take full responsibility for how you think, feel and behave. You determine if you will have a good day, not others.
  6. They manage their time wisely. Time is too valuable to waste and I want to do meaningful things with it. I am picky about what I spend my time on.
  7. They strive to fulfill their purpose. I recently put a post up about this. It's wonderful to feel like your life has meaning and purpose. Check it out.
  8. They seek to grow stronger. We are never too old to learn. Don't be too proud to learn either, swallow your pride. Everyone has room for improvement.
  9. They monitor their progress. They seek explanations not excuses. This is such a valuable tool to continue to stay motivated and on track with goals.

Read the article: 9 Things Mentally Strong People Do Every DayGreat article!Happy Training,Coach Lora

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