Movie Review: Julie And Julia

I very much enjoy watching movies at home. Recently I watched a movie called Julie & Julia. It is a movie about Julia Child and some of her life. Julia has such a unique voice I didn’t think anyone could mimic it so closely but Meryl Streep really pulls it off in this movie. She is even able to capture Julia’s mannerisms and fun quarks. What an amazing 6’2” cooking legend Julia Child has been for the Amercian house wife and bringing French cuisine to the everyday home table. It is fun to see how she changed the life of Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams, she’s in Enchanted, another one of my favorites) as she takes on the challenge of cooking all 524 recipes in 365 days from Julia’s famous cookbook: Mastering the Art of French Cooking originally published in 1961. It was great to see how much difference a person can make in someone’s life through a blog. I really enjoyed this show. However, it’s not for children with a PG-13 rating and a few choice words scattered throughout the film that I would have preferred were not in it. But overall it was fun to learn more about this famous chef and TV personality. It would be awesome to have a TV program!~Coach Lora

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