Outdoor Running Tips: Gear Matters!


Over the last 26 years of my life that I have run I have only had one main complaint about running in the cold, and that would be - my hands get cold – not matter the gloves.But not any more!My aunt made these little “woolies” that I have been using and they have been wonderful!My hands are toasty warm (for once).No more painful “thaw-outs” in warm water.

Ya know, running outdoors is really very enjoyable and if the truth be told, I prefer to get outside in the cool crisp fresh outdoor air exploring the great outdoors then being stuck indoors on a “dreadmill”.But I find it does help to have the right gear.Another great thing that I could not do without in cold weather is my earwarmer/headband.These keep my ears warm and let the heat still dissipate from the top of my head.When it is snowing I like to wear my hat so I don’t “blink” myself to death.Another thing to consider while running in the snow is your shoes.I like to wear “trail running” shoes.These are usually a lot more weather proof than your regular "air-y" running shoes.These “trail shoes” also have better traction.If you have never given outdoor running a chance you might want to give it a try.Besides, if you are training for a race it is most likely run outside so the best training is to run outdoors too.

Run Happy,

Coach Lora


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