Paige Higgins - finding support

This afternoon while I was waiting to pick-up my children from school, an article from the Colorado Runner magazine entitled “A Spectator’s View” grabbed my attention. The story was told by the sister (Shannon) of the elite runner (Paige Higgins) as she and her family prepared to give support as “experienced spectators” at the Chicago Marathon. She described their efforts in planning and strategizing where each family member could give maximum support; each dressed in running attire (so they could quickly get to the next cheering spot), with maps, cell phones, and camera’s in hand they cheered Paige to a 2:33.06 (8th female finisher and 3rd American). I crying along as the mother was shedding “proud mommy tears.” I couldn’t help think about how wonderful that would be; to have the whole family cheering along the race route truly engaged in the journey with full support. They even enjoyed listening to Paige recount her experiences in detail over and over again. I wish I had that kind of family support. The fact is that few people have that kind of support. How many times have you heard of someone feeling that they have been sabotaged by a friend/spouse bringing them a treat while they are on a diet, or “grudgingly watching the children” so the other person can go exercise? I guess we could choose to feel sorry for ourselves or we can take an active role in looking for the support we need. No doubt everyone needs support, but sometimes it comes in ways we don’t consider from people we don’t expect. Sometimes we find support through a friend, a smile a kind word. Maybe we find support by being around people that enjoy the same activities or we find support by giving it to others.

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