Product Review: FOGGLE (anti-fog goggle cleaning towelette)


Product review: FOGGLE (anti-fog goggle cleaning towelette)By Lora Erickson, blonderunner.comRecently I tried a new product called FOGGLE. It is a wipe type towelette used to clean swimming goggles. I have used the defogging spray in the past, but found that FOGGLE has a more lasting effect and I don’t have to use it as often. My goggles didn’t really look that dirty, but immediately after using the FOGGLE wipe I could see clearly out of my goggles – like they were new. I guess there was a build up of gunk on them from swimming in lakes, rivers and pools that I never really noticed until they were cleaned. Generally I have avoided cleaning them before because I didn’t want to scratch them, but with FOGGLE it is easy to clean them and know they will not be scratched since the product is made for goggles. The product also prevents them from fogging up and I must say I am impressed with how easy the product is to use and how long the effects of the FOGGLE last. Thumbs up to a great product! If you need to know where to get it, jet me an email at

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