Product Review: NormaTec MVP recovery system


I first became familiar with the NormaTec "boots" at the USA Triathlon National Championships expo several years ago. It’s kind of hard to miss a tent full of people laying around with obnoxiously large “boots” on. But since I rarely try a new product before a big important race I passed on trying them out. Since then I have read about them in Crowie’s book (Read my review) and have seen them at many other large race expos etc…I’ve even looked into purchasing a pair since I understand the benefits of this technology but since I had not tried them yet or wasn’t sure my husband could be convinced that I needed them I patiently waited for the next opportunity to try them. So, naturally I was thrilled to learn that Wasatch Chill Zone has the boots! Not need to store them at my house! So armed with my cowboy hat I trotted down there after a hard workout to see how they worked. As you might remember I recently took on -265 degree whole body cryotherapy…brrr Read about it. I was just as impressed with the boots! They have a great screen room to enjoy a show or something while you use the boot. They recommended session is about 20-30 minutes and the pressure is highly adjustable. So, does it work? Yes. I was able to crank out a 5:35 min./mile in training the next day and my legs felt really “snappy” and sharp the next day. If it’s good enough for Craig “Crowie” Alexander, and other great athletes likes Jessie Donavan then it will be something I incorporate into my recovery. Want to try it for free? Be sure and enter to win. It’s easy. You can try the cryo too.

Post by Blonde Runner Health LLC.

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