Product Review: SKORA Running Shoes


Over the years I will often run barefoot at the track for a portion of my speed training workouts to help me work on form and strengthen my calves/tendons in my legs, however it seems difficult to really relax because I am concerned about stepping on something that could damage my foot and cause an unwelcomed setback in my training. So I decided to look into something that would protect my foot yet give me the benefits of natural running. I was delighted to find SKORA high quality running shoes. These minimal shoes protect the foot yet allow you to feel the surface for greater control and efficiency. It is easy to develop the proper stride length, foot strike and push off using these shoes. They are comfortable and reflective for running in low light conditions too. This is a big bonus for me as I am often up early doing my workouts before the family gets up. I couldn’t agree more with the statement: “We believe that the best shoe is one that complements the human body, and allows it to perform naturally.” These shoes have performed really well for me and have allowed me to relax and run more naturally. I am excited to continue to use the shoes in my training to strengthen my legs and perfect my form. The ones I am using are called the PHASE. They also have a PHASE-X that looks really awesome.

I love the reflectiveness. Check this cool video clip out:

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