Product Review: Skratch Labs natural sports drink mix


I have been experimenting with different nutrition products in my training recently and have been using the Skratch Labs natural sports drink mix highlighted in my recent book review Feed Zone Portables.I was pleased with the light flavor and the product was easy to digest. It’s a great way to get a few calories yet have the drink do what it is mainly supposed to do, hydrate. Here’s a short video clip where Allen Lim with Skratch Labs explains hydration a little more. Very good.

It is also made from real food, which I love. Great product. I highly recommend it. Learn more Skratch LabsPineapple is the best flavor I think. Oh, lemon lime is pretty yummy too. These products can be found locally at Bountiful Bicycle. Not in the area? No problem, you can buy it on-line too.If you are serious about your training you will want to give this product a try.Happy Training,Coach Lora Ericksonwww.BlondeRunner.comRelated article: Beginner Triathletes Guide to the Offseason

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