Product Review: Xterra LAVA Pants


Recently I tried a pair of the new Lava Pants that Xterra Wetsuits has produced. What a great training tool and concept for training; especially for those that tend to have a lot of drag with their legs or panic with the upper body restriction of a full suit. These pants make the legs more evenly buoyant as opposed to a pull buoy. Plus it allows buoyant leg movement, which helps those that struggle with proper body position achieve better balance. This is a great way to improve pull technique as the body becomes more streamline. I could really feel a difference when I had them on. When your legs are where they are supposed to be you are at a better angle for the arms to pull more effectively which will improve your overall stroke making you faster. I could also see these pants valuable for those that live in warmer water areas that are too warm to train in a full suit. Fast swimmers that don’t like the restriction of a full suit on their shoulders could also really take advantage of these in a race. These pants are USAT, ITU, and WTC legal and can be used in wetsuit legal races. These pants can also be used in the pool or in open water. What a great training tool. If you struggle with proper body position, kicking or your legs sinking, this would be a good investment for you and can be purchased on-line at Use the code CO-BLONDE and save $25, regularly $125. You get them for $99 with free shipping (for a limited time).Looking for a full or sleeveless suit? If so, use this code CO-BLONDE and for a limited time (until Sept. 30) you can get 68% off a vortex sleeveless suit (that is from $300 to $96). You can also use the same code for discounts on full suits.Need Coaching?Need some help with better technique to identify problems and get faster? If so, get an Underwater Swimming Video Analysis done. The next filming and small group class is scheduled for Nov. 13, 2013 at 9 p.m. This class is only offered periodically. Limited spots. Pre-registration required. To learn how to register contact Coach Lora Erickson, lora@blonderunner.comLearn more and see what people are saying bout the analysis Learn more about how to get started in the pool

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