Race Report: Lake to Lake - 50 mile team relay

This last Saturday I ran with the South Davis Road Runners team at the Lake to Lake relay. The race is a 50 mile team relay consisting of 5 people each running any two legs of the route from one lake to another lake in Southern Utah (Gunlock to Sand Hollow Reservoir). We enjoyed the beautiful, breath-taking landscapes the entire 50 mile route! It was a little chilly at the start at Gunlock Reservoir and after a few team pictures the race was off with 38 teams competing (no doubt this race will grow like the Wasatch Back – this was the first year). Laurie lead us with a steady 6 mile run along a paved road through Gunlock State Park with mountains surrounding her. The next leg was just as beautiful through the Shiviwits Indian Reservation. (The wide open space just made me want to jump on my horse and ride to explore the beauty of nature. And to think…it even got better...) The third leg of the race traveled along a paved path with huge clumps of deep maroon lava rocks, practically buried in the red soil with a beautiful clear blue sky for a back drop. (Now I wanted my paint brush to see if I could capture the beauty on canvas. Something tells me that this kind of beauty could not be captured.) We drank in the warmth of the sun high above us as we cheered on our runner. (This is what I call living!) The route continued to travel through trails, over wooden bridges, farmland, past cows and Llama’s, through neighborhoods and over red dirt roads. It is a truly amazing route and a must do for next year. If you are looking for a fun team challenge – I would suggest the Lake to Lake – 50 mile team relay. More L2L pictures in my Facebook Album

To learn more, click on the link:South Davis Road Runners Race Calendar

South Davis Road Runners L2L March 2009

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