Race Report: Salem Springs Triathlon


Salem Springs Sprint Triathlon - May 30, 2009

Sprint – 800 m. swim, 13 mile (2 loop), 5K

Results link: http://www.milliseconds.com/races/detail/1163

The morning started early with a long drive down to the venue (Salem, near Spanish Fork, Utah). After arriving I drove the recently reversed bike route. I was delighted to see that the route was well marked! After reviewing the route I meet the brother of the owner of the new triathlon store in the southern area. They both were competing and hoping to claim top ten spots. I helped him carry the swim caps to the registration area and wished him well.

While setting up and reviewing the transition area, Jenna and I connected and we were able to get her a great spot on the rack next to me. After fixed her helmet we were able to connect with Steph and Mary (other Team Blonde Runner members). I was thrilled that everyone had made it safe and sound with no major problems. (Like the tire we heard blow while it was being pumped in the transition area – bummer!).

After a brief warm-up we put on our wetsuits and headed for the start. The wait seemed like forever to me as we were wave (7), which was scheduled to start at about 9:30 a.m. Finally we began. The swimmers seemed to disperse quickly and I soon found myself catching up to the slow swimmers from the previous wave. Each wave was 5 minutes apart with the men first. I swam efficient and reserved knowing I had two other events. I stopped a little short on the beach and run through a little deeper water than I should have which slowed me a bit. I was dizzy (this seems to be common for me – ugh!). I managed to keep a slow jog while pulling down my wetsuit to my waist. The first transition was pretty smooth and I was soon on the road feeling that wind hit my wet body. It took some time for me to get into the groove and “get-it-going” attitude. I was able to pace off of some of the men around me. After coming around for the first lap, many of them dropped away and I seem to have to push it a lot better the second lap; but found myself holding back at the end thinking of the run. When I went into transition, I found someone’s bike in my spot so racked mine next to it and thought, no I don’t want to do that to someone else so I took it off and squeezed mine between the two. Ouch, that cost me precious time! Darn! I slipped my shoes on fast and easy and grabbed my hat and belt to head for the run. I couldn’t believe how quickly we came to the 1 mile mark. For the rest of the run, I pretended I was on a run solo so I didn’t catch a slow pace from the runners I was passing. It was a beautiful day for a run. I did take a gulp of water at the first water station to wet my whistle, then managed to push the pace a little harder. My legs felt heavy, but I managed to push steadily passing people to the finish. Overall, I still have a lot of room for improvement which is exciting.

I was surprised to see my name in the second place spot in my age division and I was 14 overall. It was a thrill to be at the race with other group members finished their first open water triathlon! Mary did well despite some trouble in transition. Jenna had accomplished all the goals she had set for herself and Stephanie had completed her first open water swim event! Awesome! They even stuck around to watch me get my award. (Thanks!) I couldn’t help to think of the other group members that were competing in a different race in Bountiful and wondering how they did. I have since learned that they all did well and had fun – which is what it is all about. Go Team Blonde Runner! Each event is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Triathlons are a blast!

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