Running on Empty?

My father has a love for cars and has taught me many things about them. For instance: Run on the top half of your gasoline tank – it is more efficient and you don’t get the crud from the bottom of the tank in your engine. Do you ever feel like your running on the bottom of the tank and have got crud in your engine?

Just like a car, our bodies do not “run” well on empty. To run efficiently, they must be monitored like our gas gauge alerts us when we are low. What alerts do you have in place? Do you attend health fairs, have yearly check up with your doctor getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked or A1C taken? Do you weigh in regularly and change behavior accordingly? Do you engage in regular exercise and get enough rest? Do you monitor what you are eating and keep a food record? Have you scheduled in enough “me” time and allowed yourself to “refuel” emotionally?

Great monitoring tools to gauge yourself include; join a class or program, schedule a regular exercise time with a friend, join a running club or a local master’s swim team, hire a certified personal trainer or coach, sign up for a local race, or make an appointment with your doctor. Setting up a regular monitoring system will help keep you on the road to good health – I know it does for me.

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