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Sage Pullman is my personal massage therapist and specializes in sports and injury massage. Without her I probably won’t function. A lot of people think that massage is just an “extra” and I have to admit I used to think that too. After I was involved in a significant cycling accident.a number of years ago I discovered how valuable massage therapy is. Chronic injury is like a disease, you don’t cure it – you learn how to manage it. Of all the things I tried massage was the only thing that gave me the relief from the constant headaches and helped my neck not to “lock” when I was swimming. I saw immediate results in my ability to function after a massage. It has also helped me heal more quickly from my recent concussion. (Yes, like many people I have had a few frustrating “set-backs”)Having someone that is professionally trained to work out the knots, adhesions and release the tension from the muscles has helped me to heal and function on a daily basis. I believe massage also helps prevent injuries and I am better able to recover from hard workouts and tolerate the heavy workload required to be an endurance athlete and perform well in races (usually top 1% of all races I enter). But massage is not only for an athlete; it can be helpful for a busy Mom or hardworking man. Who doesn’t need a little “me” time anyway? I will warn you this is no “fu, fu” massage – it is meant to help restore blood flow and work out soreness and adhesions to get your body running smoothly. As with many people I hold a lot of tension in my neck and having a previous injury makes it even more difficult to loosen up from scar tissue. I can tell you that from a Mothers perspective not having a headache and having my body function well only helps me be a better Mother. Plus massage can be good for kids too.I have always believed if you take care of your muscles they will take care of you and you will stay healthy. As an athlete (runner/triathlete) and coach with over 27 years I have seen all types of injuries and I have seen the benefits of proper stretching and massage in a person’s life. Just like me, when you create a “team” of health professionals to help you reach your goals, you are much more likely to reach them. So when you are considering who to include on your health “team” be sure to include a massage therapist.Good news!! For the month of September Sage Pullman will be offering $10 off a massage. Sage will travel to you so you can get a massage in the comfort of your own home (LOVE this!). Sage has a lot of experience with pro athletes like ReAL salt lake and the Olympic speed skaters. To schedule your massage call or text Sage at 801-510-9867. Tell her hello for me.Connect with Sage on Facebook:

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