Small Changes Can Lead To Big Success in 2008

Here are five Keys to Weight Loss success

1. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Even small bouts of exercise can have a significant positive impact on your health. Here are some ideas; Get up a few minutes early and do some resistance exercises such as push ups and crunches. Incorporate a walk into your day after lunch with friends. Use a pedometer with the goal of 10,000 steps per day. March in place while watching your favorite show or during the news. Turn on music and dance with your kids. Find active family activities, such as running/walking in the park or local high school track, a friendly game of softball or soccer and going to the gym as a family. Walk while waiting to pick up a child from school or stop by the gym on the way home from work. 2. Simple substitutions. Americans on-the-go lifestyles often lead to eating foods that are convenient or fast food. Simple substitutions, such as fruits and vegetables in place of high fat and calorie foods can help you budget your calories wiser. Eating a salad in place of fries or getting water instead of a soda will help reduce unwanted calories and reduce your waist size. It is easy to keep healthy foods in a small cooler in your car to help curb cravings on the go, such as; yogurt, string cheese, Powerbars, granola bars, tortillas, oranges, carrots, apples, and nuts. Many products can now be eaten directly out of the container and fit in a cup holder. 3. Drink water. Most people today are chronically dehydrated, slowing metabolism and contributing to weight gain. Eliminating the calories from sugar-laden sodas and juices can reduce your calories consumption by hundreds of calories each day which is very effective for weight management and muscle retention. Bottled water is inexpensive, portable and can easily be sipped on through out the day without contributing to dental decay. 4. Consume more fruits and vegetables Not only are fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but they are low in calories. Start by keeping a food log to see just how many fruits and vegetables you are consuming. Men should be eating 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and women need to be getting 7 servings. Consumption of various colors of fruits and vegetables daily, helps to fight aging. To obtain a free copy of a helpful worksheet called the Colorful Choices Challenge call Lora Erickson, 801-299-1601 or email 5. Enlist support. The majority of the population has found success with weight loss by not going at it alone, but by enlisting support. Support can come in many forms; such as walking regularly with a close friend, joining a local running club (, signing on at a gym with a family member, hiring a personal trainer, following a program, or joining a local community class. Although numerous diet books on the latest quick fix to lose weight will continue to be published, sensible lifestyle choices matter. Focus on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through incorporating exercise into your life, making sensible choices through simple substitutions, and enlisting the support of others.

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