Start Simple by Coach Lora Erickson

Coach Lora Erickson

Sometimes it can be intimidating to get started on a fitness program especially if you're out of shape. But a lot of progress can be made if you start simple. Simple exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, crunches or plank can be a great way to start a healthy new daily habit and develop muscle tone. Make your goal simple like 10 push-up attempts everyday or a thirty-second plank hold. Add more as you get stronger. Other simple daily goals could be to drink eight glasses of water or to stretch for 10 minutes and do two sets of twenty-five crunches while watching the news. Elliptical machines are also a great way to get started with no jarring and eventually build up to running. Even ten minutes each day can have great health benefits. Small daily tasks built up over time are things even the best athlete do. Success is in the details and consistency. Until next time. Live well.Coach LoraAbout the author: Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner is a running and triathlon coach that specializes in endurance sports, injury prevention and weight loss. Coach Lora offers a variety of individual, group and community classes and programs. To learn more visit

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