Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones

By Coach Lora Erickson, BlondeRunner.comWe all have them, stumbling blocks or things in our lives that slow our forward progression. There's not doubt about it, challenges are difficult but often bring us the most joy when we overcome them. Hard times help us grow if we allow them to. Trials in this life can make some people bitter; they can choose to stumble over the block and whine about their troubles and fail to learn from them. They wallow in self-pity and bring others down. Others use that stumbling block as a platform or stepping stone to reach higher and become better. I can think of many examples of this. Some years ago I remember viewing a popular talk show in which a woman was severely burnt and nearly died when her car caught fire after an auto accident. She had a beautiful face but now she was unrecognizable and covered in scars and learned she would be plagued with pain for the rest of her life. Her lungs, hearing and eyesight were all damaged. She had no hair left. At first she was devastated; Who wouldn't be? After all she was just a teenager at the time. However overtime she used this trail to encourage others to love themselves because of who they were inside and not on the outside. Undoubtedly she has touched many people's lives with her positive outlook and gratitude for life. Sure, she still has tough days and grieves what her life might have been like without suffering this tragedy but overall she has used it as a stepping stone to get more out of life and later became a mother and contributing member of society with a positive attitude that lifts those around her. When challenges come my way I always think, "It could be worse" and try to understand what the challenge is teaching me. It helps to pray for peace and remember that the rainbow comes after the rain. I look forward to the rainbows and understand we all will have to endure the storms in this life to grow and experience joy. Choose to use stumbling blocks as stepping stones and you will most likely experience joy. I believe if you look for the joy in this life and you will find it. Make those challenges your stepping stone for better living. Coach Lora

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