Supermom's kryptonite

Recently an article caught my attention it was entitled “Supermom’s kryptonite is lack of self-care.” The author shares her recent illness and frequent sickness….

“I think that my ‘Mom Immunity’ is weaker as a result of my not taking care of myself. I'm pretty good at monitoring my children's diet to ensure that they get a proper balance of fruits, vegetables and proteins. I limit their junk food intake. However, my diet consists of quick, grab-and-go junk. I make sure that my children go to bed at a reasonable time so they can be alert and ready for home school lessons. Meanwhile, I'm up into the wee hours trying to cram in as much as possible before going to bed. As a caretaker, it is so easy to get into the cycle of putting the needs of others before your own. Sooner or later, we are forced to assess our own needs when our bodies become weak and unable to meet our demands.”

I loved to see an article like this because I have all too often seen mothers take better care of others than themselves. We need to give ourselves the same quality care we give children or others. “After all, when we are at our best, then we can give our best to others.”

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