Swimming Video for beginners

Every discipline in triathlon is important and often swimming is the sport that gets the least attention by beginning triathletes. When it comes to swimming faster and easier technique becomes important. This video will help you understand the five step process to swimming (reach, catch, pull, push and recovery). If you really want to excel at swimming I highly recommend hiring a coach to review your form and give you feedback. Often it feels like we are doing it right but often we are not. Sometimes even small changes pointed out by a coach can make a big difference. If you live in the Davis County area (around Bountiful, Utah) give me a call. I love to work with beginning swimmers to help prepare them for triathlons. Enjoy the video.Happy Swimming,Coach Lora801-608-5516lora@blonderunner.comLearn about a local triathlon club: Northern Utah TriathletesJoin a Team Blonde Runner - TBR (a coached training group): Learn more

How to Swim the Freestyle Stroke -- powered by ehow

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