Taste an orange. How I got into triathlons.

Many years ago (when I was in High School) I was flipping through the pages of a newspaper and I came across an inspiring picture of Ray Browning, a professional triathlete finishing the third annual Ironman Triathlon in Oahu in the 1980's. He was able to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run a 26.2 mile marathon - one right after the other! I was amazed that the human body could be trained for such an undertaking. I thought to myself that I could possibly do something like that one day so I set a goal in my mind to do it.

Now I have competed in many triathlons on my quest to complete the Ironman distance. I have absolutely loved the challenge of training and competing in triathlons.(Update Oct. 2015: This post was originally posted in 2008. In 2015 I completed my first Ironman event in Maryland. Read more 25 years after I set the goal, it's never too late)As with any new endeavor there is a certain amount of learning that takes place. My college running experience and nutrition education accelerated my learning. As an experienced athlete and running coach who benefited from knowledgeable coaches myself, I realize how valuable it is to have someone to answer questions and share experience. Sure you can learn from a book, but nobody learns what an orange tastes like by reading a book, they learn from tasting it. If you have ever considered doing a triathlon go for it! Experience the taste of a triathlon - you might just love the flavor!To learn more about local classes I offer, including Running Form, Endurance Nutrition, & Triathlon Training message me at theblonderunner@gmail.comTrain Happy,Coach Lora EricksonBlondeRunner.com


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