Teeth Whitening Kit- Children’s Dentistry Bountiful, Dr. Nelson


Anyone who knows me well knows that I carry floss sticks and those cute little mini toothbrushes around in my car and brush and floss while I travel. I can’t stand gunk on my teeth. I like them to be clean and what I like to call “slimy.” Maybe you think I am extreme, but I’ve had very few cavities in my adulthood. (I know all my dental hygiene friends are standing up and cheering out loud right now because they too value healthy teeth). Yes it’s fair to say clean and white teeth are important to me and I would venture to say they are to anyone whose eyes have viewed a yellow smile. It reminds of the toothpaste commercial – remember that one? Can’t you just hear the jaws theme song in the back of your mind as soon as those yellow teeth are exposed? Yuck! This is not a jingle I want associated with my smile. I figure my parents spend a lot of money on braces so I could have straight teeth, the least I could do is keep them white right?Naturally my teeth aren’t super yellow, they are actually pretty white, but I’ve always thought it would be nice to have an even brighter smile. White teeth look so fresh, clean and pretty – like a celebrity. For some time I have noticed a whitening kit that they offer at my children’s dentist office, Children’s Dentistry in Bountiful. Years ago whitening seemed so expensive, but it’s really not that bad anymore. They only charge $350 for their home whitening kit and if you tell them Blonde Runner sent you in, you can get it for only $200! (As always, I try to take care of my peeps! Thanks for reading). That is awesome for professional whitening and it’s really easy too. I just called them up 801-295-8322 and told them I was interested in the whitening kit and scheduled a brief appointment where they molded my teeth. The next day I picked up these cool molds and the rest of the kit.


At home when it was convenient for me I just squeeze the gel into the trays and put them on my teeth for the recommended time, which was 60 minutes and then I rinse them out (or you can do 2 x 30 minutes a day). I did this for 5 days. Viola – a white smile. It’s easy! I have used the store bought brands before and these work so much faster better and don’t slide all over my teeth. I also have more gel to use as I need to maintain the brightness I want, so I can have nice white teeth forever and could whiten them for special occasions like a reunion etc... I could see people that are getting married using it (you have those pictures forever) or someone that just wants a little confidence boost. I highly recommend it and they can be done in the privacy of your home. You’ll have your teeth forever, so better take care of them right?! I now catch myself smiling while I am running – yes, I’m one of those crazy looking smiling runners! Be sure and wave hello or honk if you see me. You can’t miss me; I will be the one with the bright white celebrity smile. Yeah for white teeth!Thanks Children’s Dentistry! ~ Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde RunnerHere’s their address if you want to check it out. 1551 S. Renaissance Towne Dr, Suite 540Bountiful, Utah801-295-8322 They are also great with kids. My kids LOVE to go to the dentist – they actually look forward to it and ask to go. Maybe it’s all the fun prizes and stickers or the video games they play before in the waiting room (they never get to play very long as they call them right back). Personally I like how they have all the chairs lined up and the parents can be with the children while they are getting their check-up. All four of my children can get done at one time. This.Is.So.Great!Oh, by the way, the whitening kit can be used on children as young as 15/16 years old, so after they get their braces off; it might be a good idea. Just an idea. Don’t forget to tell them Blonde Runner sent you (save $150 and get it for only $200!!) Such an awesome deal!Check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UtahChildrensDentistry

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