The Biggest Loser - Vote for Jackson as the third finalist


I am a fan of The Biggest Loser. I think it has inspired many American's to take care of their health and get active. I love that they have shed light on the child obesity problem we are now facing and have empowered child ambassadors to help speak out about the problem. We need to do more to help our children. This has been a great season. I am a big fan of Danni and love her gracious and sincere attitude. Many of them have really made some great and lasting (I believe) changes. It's down to the wire and the season is almost over. It's time to vote for the third finalist. I have voted for Jackson, he's from Layton and I'd love for you to also show him our love and support. He's has been through a lot and I've love to see how he now knows he is worth taking care of himself. Please give him your vote. You can vote up to ten times. is the one on the left in yellow. Go Jackson!


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