Underwater Swim Video Analysis


Coach Lora Erickson "Blonde Runner" will now be offering Underwater Swim Video Analysis. If you are looking for specific feedback to help you improve your crawl stroke for triathlons then you will want to have an analysis done. This is a two-part assessment starting at the pool with filming and immediate feedback. An additional individual session (included) will be set up to review the results and review proper technique etc. Swim analysis is offered once a month in the Davis County, Utah area. There are limited spots. If you are interested contact Coach Lora Erickson directly at lora@blonderunner.comTestimonials:"The swim video analysis was very helpful. It was especially nice, after having had two shoulder surgeries and not having a swimming background, to have some direction on simple things to do to improve my form. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for some great coaching advice to become a better swimmer." ~ Emily H. - January 2012"I loved the video analysis because I could actually see what I was doing wrong. It was definitely worth the money and time. Thanks so much Coach Lora! " ~ Brit. G. - January 2012

I just did my first two swim workouts after the swim analysis. Yesterday and today, I finally get what I'm supposed to do. I'm SO EXCITED because it felt like it really clicked today. I worked hard on stretching between strokes and I'm happy to report that I shaved four seconds off my 50 meter time just by making a few tweaks. There's still a lot of work to do, but I felt like I finally found the sweet spot I've been looking for. Now, I just have to un-train my body from the ineffective swimming it's been doing for the last 25 years. I thought the swim analysis was VERY beneficial. It really helped to see what I look like when I'm in the water. It's hard to visualize what you look like when you're swimming, but I could see instantly how inefficient my swimming was in the video. I look forward to faster swim times.” ~ Sandra H. - January 2012

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