Product Review: yurbuds sport earphones


You’ve all been there, bouncing along the road running with your music going and your earbud bounces right out of your ear. It’s irritating to keep having to put them back in and missing some of your favorite lyrics. I’ve tried many different ones but they all end in the same result, frustration. I am happy to announce that I have found some earbuds that work! They actually stay in my ears when I am running. This way I don’t have to worry about them and can focus on my workout while I enjoy my jammin’ tunes. I also like to use them in the garden while I pull weeds. I think what makes these earbuds different is the shape and size. It seems like the “yurbuds” was custom designed for me ears. Great sounds too!~ Coach Lora Ericksonwww.BlondeRunner.comHere are some highlights:They are made from Medical-grade Silicone - so they are comfortable and the soft end doesn’t fall off all the time, just sayin’)They are sweat & germ resistant - germs are not our friends, just sayin’)Allows Ambient Sounds - this is so important when we run around traffic. We need to hear what is going on around us. Although we are getting away with the world on our run, we don’t want to be oblivious to surrounding dangers.Flexible plug & durable cord - good for me, I’m not too easy on my gear, just ask my husband ((grin))Another thing I like is the ability to pause/play the tracks on the cord (sometimes the song was so good I want to listen to it again). You could also use it for your phone and answer & hang-up with it. Cool.Click here to learn more or buy a set for yourself or a running friend (they will love you forever)

yurbuds logo6.12.2013

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