Learn the basics of fishing gear, casting, bait, techniques,rules, types of fish etc. No equipment is needed, however if you wish you to fish you are responsible to obtain a current fishing license and bring the needed supplies. Otherwise you can come and observe and learn. Some poles will be available to practice casting on dry land etc. Small group classes are taught in Davis County, Utah. To set up a time to learn message Coach Lora Erickson directly at theblonderunner@gmail.com

How To Gut a Rainbow Trout with Blonde Runner

Healthy Fish Recipe: Salmon Patties (you can use any type of fish)

I learned a lot and had a great time. Thanks for your guidance. Nate V.

Learn to Fish Class

Learn the basics of fishing gear, casting, bait, techniques, rules, types of fish etc. Bonus: Fish Patties Recipe

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Learn about the basic gear & bait needed

Learn how to gut a fish

Bonus: Fish Recipe

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